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Gaastra Barsystem X2 -´15
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Gaastra Barsystem X2 -´15

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This all-in-one bar is compatible with all GA kites and most other brands as well. You can tune this bar perfectly to your needs. It features an adjustable bar width and line length set-up, topped by the unique SHIFT ADJUSTER that allows you to de-power and adjust the range of your kite depending on conditions.

  • Standard Bar Setup: full power = all lines same length
  • 46 or 52 cm bar width
  • 21 or 24m lines (3m extensions)
  • HD Bar with metal centre
  • SHIFT ADJUSTER for de-power-/adjuster range setup
  • Rope Clamp to avoid tangling
  • Easy change from 4 or 5 line setup



The heart of the Bar System X2 is the Magnetic Quick Release (MQR2), a marvel of technology. This revolutionary GA quick release is made to gives the rider greater confidence in terms of safety. There are no mechanicals parts and the magnets ensure that the release stays closed providing absolute security against accidental openings. The safety connected frontline is indicated at the top, So you may choose which side the kite falls in a safety release situation.

Once you release the system it ensures that the kite flags out even in 4 or 5 line setup. Relaunching is not a problem. Resetting the MQR2 is easy!!

  • MQR2: the safest, most ingenious QR got even better!
  • AUTO TWIST Bar System: lines stay sorted!
  • HD leash with LQR (Leash QR)
  • High quality material for longer lifespan



Get the best connection to your kite with the optimised bar diameter and one of the most comfortable grips on the market. Soft bar end rubbers prevent injuries and the QR is a compact design with a huge loop for riding comfort. Combine all this and you get ultra precise steering and all the power you need while on the water.

  • Embossed bar grip
  • Super-soft rubber pad in bar ends
  • Perfect center bar hold (horizontal line separation)
  • Clamcleat® for best adjustment



  • ingenious and simple release
  • + extreme reliable: Use of Magnets – no mechanical parts needed!
  • + no risk of injury on release
  • Internal Swivel for AUTO TWIST: Swivel and ROPE SPLITTER keep the lines untwisted
  • Super easy to reset
  • optimized dimensions: most compact QR with huge loop
  • easy to clean “rips”
  • Chicken Dick (with position wheel)
  • IGUS® sliding bering

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