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Core Fusion 2 LW

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The new Fusion 2 LW edition. The Swiss Army® knife of light wind kiteboards. Always the right choice for your next epic session.  Wind conditions don’t matter when you‘re riding the Fusion 2 LW, the ultimate all style twin tip. Your weapon of choice to deliver maximum stoke on those marginal wind days. 
You will find each board in the LW range has its own unique personality. The smaller LW is known for its cat-like agility and the larger LW for its mad swagger. Rest assured, our innovative boards will perform beyond your expectations and just maybe, take you to nirvana with technology that incorporates a decade’s worth of board building expertise from Europe’s leading custom board manufacturer, Trust CORE to engineer pure, light wind excitement.



Unbelievably agile and light on its feet. We like to think of the 147 as a hybrid with class leading light wind handling and the freestyle capability of its smaller brothers. The perfect board for beginners or heavier riders who may want to throw down a few unhooked aerials in light or building winds. Its carbon construction, thin rails and V-keel will give you the control and response of a board two sizes smaller.  The Fusion LW Medium. Lightweight greatness.



The ultimate early planer and light wind cruiser. Our biggest Fusion 2  sports a re-engineered concave board outline (like a parabolic snowboard). Concave or sidecut rails improve upwind tacks by forcing the board to naturally ride deeper thereby lengthening rail contact with the water. Wider tips promote early planing and keep you going through the lulls. The sidecut Fusion 2 LW feels smaller so it has the potential to handle more wind than you would normally expect. You can always depend on the double concave V-Keel to keep you under control if the wind picks up. Because CORE has your back.

About Core

Premium kites and boards made in Germany. And engineered with passion since 2001. Home of Cartan Carbon boards, ExoTex/CoreTex kites and glass surfboards.

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