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Flysurfer Sonic3

Flysurfer Sonic3

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The SONIC sets new standards as a high performer and gives you an extremely thrilling flight feeling. The manifest dream of every kite expert, the balance of biting aggressiveness and fine control, equipped with FLYSURFER power that is addictive. Sporty, fast and fascinating, designed to defy the laws of physics.

The most powerful FLYSURFER product ever.
The high-performance SONIC line continues its success story and immediately unleashes pure joy with every foil kite freak. Our team has bundled their know-how from the Foil-Racing Kite VMG and the outstanding all-rounder SOUL in one product and developed a freerider of superlatives.

The merging of both lines creates a true high-performer with breathtaking hangtime and the huge application area typical of FLYSURFER with a brilliant low end. The new generation has 55 cells, an aspect ratio of 6.6 - 7.2, the profile of the VMG and influences of the popular SOUL handling. Power on-demand has been decisively improved by retrievable and controllable performance with excellent depower. The SONIC has made the biggest step in terms of safety and has a significantly better start and restart behavior, an optimized drainage system and increased stability. To round off the package, the SONIC receives all the longevity features of a FLYSURFER Foil-Kite, starting with PMA's, through the Long Mixer Test, the LCL's, up to encased brake lines with reinforced loops and colored bridle-lines for increased visibility on snow.

The SONIC is the jumping machine for the medium wind range and the ultimate hydrofoil kite for high-performance enthusiasts, an amazing hangtime kite for aerialists and everyone who always wanted to be on the water when friends heat up the crickets.

Product Highlights

  • SPC (smart performance construction)
    The union of lightweight construction, durability and optimal distribution of forces. The topsail and bottom sail are made of 32g / m² X-Light cloth, the front edge of 44g / m² DLX + cloth. The X-Light makes the construction stiffer, improving the kite's response and steady pull. The DLX + increases longevity and protects against abrasion. The elaborate internal construction of ribs and straps with reinforced suspension points distribute the load evenly over the entire wing. The Little Connection Lines (LCL) serve as a breakpoint and facilitate the replacement of the bridle lines. All components of the SONIC are designed for maximum performance on any terrain.
  • ADS (automatic drainage system)
    Safety plays a central role in the development of our products. The automatic drainage system is an important part of your trust in the foil kite system. The interior and material selection of a FLYSURFER kite is optimized to absorb as little water as possible and enables a smooth restart after the event of a splash-down. This distinguishes us from the competition, allows you to start in deep water and gives you the confidence to relaunch our kites in the lightest breeze.
  • Maintenance - Long Mixer Test
    The long mixer test can be carried out by comparing the lengths of the marked bridle lines with the front and back main (see line plan) to compensate for deviations on the bridle using the mixer. After intensive use, adjustments should be made to maintain the performance of the product.
  • PMA (profile momentum adjuster)
    The kite's flight characteristics can be strongly influenced by the PMA's. The stability, the turning, and asymmetries can be changed or compensated quickly and efficiently.The PMA's are sewn to five ribs of the B level on each the left and the right-wing span side. Go through the air intakes to reach the small knot ladders on the top- and bottom sail of the kite. You can adjust the profile momentum or compensate for asymmetry by tightening the knot ladder. We recommend the help of a FLYSURFER sales partner to make adjustments.
    The individual levels of the kite are controlled by the mixer with different ratios and thus influence the angle of attack and the chamber. In addition, it is adjustable to compensate for stretch or shortening of linen and to ensure long-term use.
  • MPI (max pressure air intake)
    The Max Pressure Air Intake is integrated into the leading edge and ensures maximum backpressure in our FLYSURFER Foil Kites. Fast filling during start-up is necessary to gain full control of the kite as soon as possible.


SONIC3 9 11 13 15 18
Color Rust Amber Steel blue Sparemint Lime
Area (projected) 7,52 m² 9,19 m² 10,86 m² 12,53 m² 15,46 m²
Aspect Ratio 6,6 6,8 6,9 7,1 7,2
Cells 55 55 55 55 55
Depth of the profile (cm) 142 155 167 177 195
Flat Wing Span (cm) 771 865 947 1032 1154
Weight = canopy + complete bridle + mixer (kg) 1,94 2,24 2,56 2,82 3,36
Recommended Barsize 50 50 50 50/60 60
Wind Range (knots) 9-25 7-23 6-20 5-18 5-16

Delivery Contents

  • 1x SONIC Kite only
  • 1x SONIC Light Bag
  • 1x UNIVERSAL Kite Bag
  • 1x Kite Safety Guide
  • 1x BALLAST Bag
  • 1x Repair Kit

About Flysurfer

FLYSURFER enters the market in 2001 with three product lines. These initial kite lines are defined by revolutionary, patented innovations including a self-filling system with effective air intake valves, a depower system through profile adjustment, as well as an automatic relaunch. Holding power is not present on the first bar. Additionally, the MASTAIR high-performance wing is offered in a 16-square-meter size, showing the industry right from the beginning where the FLYSURFER technology really shines: in light-wind conditions.

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