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Mistral Asana 2016

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The Asana, is an advancement of our highly successful Kailua board. As industry leaders in the area of SUP Yoga and Fitness equipment, careful consideration has been given as to how the original Kailua board could be improved. The first thing that strikes you, is the new graphics by master artist, David Rigaud. We felt the original graphics were not in keeping with the board’s intention and in addition, Kailua was not a name representative of the board’s purpose and so the Asana was conceived.

It’s still based upon the same basic outline of the Kailua, but major improvements include; a cleaner deck for free and open movements, a grab handle on the tail and D-rings for the attachment and use of a shoulder strap, which doubles as a foot securement point for sit-ups or as a hand hold for leg raises for example.

The strap can be repositioned with ease and worn for carrying either side. It features a simple carry handle if the strap is not used.

There’s a cargo net for securing clothing, drinks bottles or a dry bag and we’ve made the board 5” thick, a little thinner than before and added a central reinforcing stringer along the underside to improve rigidity when exercising.

Popular not just for SUP Yoga and Fitness, this style board is easy to paddle and super stable and therefore doubles well as a durable dual purpose board for paddling and exercise. A single slide-in 9.25” fin, secured with a pin, makes for ease of removal and makes the tail area stable and paddling in a straight line effortless. 

All in all, the improvements are dramatic on account of many micro-management fine-tuning adjustments to a board, which has proved itself the world over. It has now reached its zenith as a platform for paddling, yoga and fitness.

Key features:

Body Weight Indicators: The ideal body-weight (mass) of the paddler suited to this board, is up to, or below the first weight indicated.
Beyond the optimum body weight and up to the maximum, the board's performance will be compromised.
We suggest the board is not suited to body weights above the maximum indicated.​

  • 11’5 x 32" x 5" x 26.45lbs Optimum body mass <209lbs maximum <242lbs
  • 348cm x 78.74cm x 15.24cm x 12kg Optimum body mass <95kg maximum <110kg
  • Stainless steel leash D-ring
  • Nose and tail D-ring
  • Rear grab handle
  • Side carry handles
  • Shoulder carry strap
  • Slide in fin / push pin securement
  • Stringer reinforcement
  • Bow cargo net
  • Super stable - lowered centre of gravity with 5" thickness
  • Comfortable brushed EVA

About Mistral


Mistral’s success story starts in 1976, when, due to its passion for water and wind, the originally Swiss brand develops an innovative concept: surfboards with a sail. A new surfing dimension is born and proves to be an international hit. Mistral sets the tone in the development of windsurfing boards. Technological innovations rapidly follow new materials are developed and tested. Mistral turns windsurfing into an international sport and even launches the Mistral World Cup Team. The brand becomes synonymous with windsurfing: Mistral is windsurfing, windsurfing is Mistral!

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