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JP Race 2016

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Range of Use:

CARBON board technology Glossy rails, matt deck and bottom


For 2016 we have gathered a great team of winning athletes to develop the perfect line of winning shapes together with our shaper, Werner Gnigler. Peter Bartl, Branislav Sramek, Vinnicius Martins, James Casey, Peter Weidert, Fabrizio Gasbarro and Leonardo Toso have tested various prototypes in different conditions to find the right shapes for the major international races around the globe.

The main objective was to keep the unmatched speed of the 2015 shapes with added stability for heavier riders and/or rough conditions. For the 14’0″ class this was achieved by slight flattening of the bottom shape and increasing the width of the tail.

The tail sections of the 12’6″ models have a different volume distribution. Due to the shorter board length we had to add some more volume to guarantee a perfect water position for heavier riders. A unique deck flow which rises up toward the tail combines the advantages of a low standing position, perfect water drainage and sufficient volume.

The nose section of the 12’6″ has been thinned out with reduced piercing shape, to make the board more forgiving in the beach races. This was further improved by increasing of the overall bottom curve.

Race Downwind

We have also developed two new shapes dedicated for the downwind race format – 14’0″x25″ and 14’0″x27″.

With great input from James Casey, Werner was able to find the perfect blend of ‘bump-catching’ rocker line combined with a more even volume distribution still featuring a rounded off displacement nose which create lots of lift. This allows the board to get on the plane easily as soon as it finds a bump.

Only the very front part of the board has a sharp piercing section for punching through a swell that is too steep to glide over.

The construction of all the RACE boards remains the full deck and bottom carbon wrap for the ultimate in light construction and performance.

The narrow tail in combination with a forward positioned fin allows the rider to steer the board easily down the face of the wave making it easy to stay on the glide and connect to the next one.

The thin profile of the board ensures a low standing position. This in combination with a concave bottom helps the rider’s stability immensely. The boards are very forgiving due to the round rails which don’t get caught on fast glides and make maneuverability extremely easy.

We have added a forward leash plug position to prevent feet from getting tangled up with the leash on the tail of the boards.

Technology - CARBON technology with glossy rails:

Board comes with:
  • EVA covered standing area
  • leash plug
  • air valve
  • one RTM (Resin Transfer Molded) US fin
  • carrying handle
  • All 12’6″: Additional handle and extra plugs for handles on the rails.



About JP Australia

Seid mehr als 40 Jahren bringt JP die neuesten Surf Trends aus Australien zu uns nach Europa. Ein ausgewogenes Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis zeichnet neben der Innovation die Produkte von JP aus. Egal ob Windsurfer oder Stand-up-Paddler, JP hat für jeden das passende Produkt.

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