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Ion Ballistic Socks

Ion Ballistic Socks

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Ballistic Sole: The famous and unique ARAMID sole protects against razor sharp reef, mussels and other abrasive objects.

Internal Split Toe: A feature aimed to eliminate that spongy feeling within the toe area. (an exception is made in the Ballistic Toes which have an external split.)

Segmented Sole: Creative and strategic cuttings have been integrated into the sole to enhance the flexibility in critical areas of the foot.


  • Aramid sole
  • Internal Split
  • Ankle strap
  • Tatex Seam Sealing
  • External shoehorn
  • Pull_loop
  • Tatex_Grip SpanNEW!


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About Ion

Ion Products is the softgood manufacturer of the large Boards & More family which also includes Duotone and Fanatic. At extremely high level with the constant demand to develop the best quality you will find everything you need for water sports at Ion. Whether neoprene suits, harnesses, bags and so on. Ion develops here always at the pulse of time.

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