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Picture Equation Women 3/2 FZ 2020

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For those warmer summer days 

The Equation range features our best insulating technologies to keep you warm and to be ready to ride the biggest waves whatever the conditions. Our Equation wetsuits are made with Eicoprene which is a non-petroleum-based synthetic foam coming from a mix of limestone and recycled tyres (30%). The lamination process to paste the recycled polyester lining uses Aqua-A™ waterbased glue which is completely solvent-free and with no harmful chemicals. Thinner than the 4/3 the W 3/2 Front Zip version is designed for your sessions in cooler waters (59-66°F). It stands out thanks to its WPF lining (Warmth Performance) which is our warmest wetsuit lining. It also features triple glued then blind-stitched fully taped seams (GBS) added to drain holes for maximum flexibility and minimal water entry.

Product Highlights

3/2 Full Suit
Front Zip
Dope Dyed Recycled Nylon
Full GBS
Fully Taped Seams
WPF Lining
Watertight Seals
Drain Holes
Glideskin Neckline
Fuse Cut Finishes
AQUA-A™ Glue Lamination
Key Pocket


  • 80% Eicoprene
  • 10% Recycled Polyamid
  • 10% Recycled Polyester

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About Picture Organic Clothing

We grew up together, sharing a passion for skateboarding and snowboarding. From the streets of our neighborhood Clermont-Ferrand to the Alps, there was always a good excuse to get together for a session.
Then one day, the question came up: Why don’t we start a brand? It made sense. We were all hitting a milestone, begging for newness. And the challenge was crazy, but we wanted to beat the odds!
We were precisely on the same page with one criterion: 100% committed responsibility and sustainability-driven eco-design. The fact that we had to learn everything didn’t kill our motivation: business start-up, fabrics, manufacturing, etc. Bring it on!

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