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Naish Starship 2016
This product is currently not available.

Naish Starship 2016

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The Starship is one board that can do just about anything in flatwater, bump & jump or waves.

The Starship was designed for early planing, thrilling straight-line speed and easy, yet exciting, maneuverability. It rides super smooth in a wide range of conditions and allows riders the freedom to progress their skill level.

  •     Flat, Fast Rocker = Early planing + balanced ride
  •     Beveled Rails = Smooth ride, softens chop + extremely forgiving in jibes
  •     Full Rails with Tucked Under Edge = Stability + water release for early planing
  •     Round Pin Tail =  Top speed + easy to initiate carving turns
  •     Medium Density Footpads = Comfortable ride + excellent board feel
  •     Wide Point Carried Forward = Stability through jibes + effortless control
  •     Single Concave to Double Concave V to V Bottom = Early planing + smooth ride + easy to jibe
  •     Freemove Fin = Early planing + upwind performance + easy jibing
  •     Power Box = Ultra strong + perfect fin position

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