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Naish Titan Carbon 2016
This product is currently not available.

Naish Titan Carbon 2016

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Suitable for all skill levels, the new Titan is great for both beginners and performance-oriented windsurfers.

Available in two constructions, the new Titan 120 and 130 offer early planing and great all-around freeride performance with minimal effort. The relatively straight rocker and compact outline make the Titan less sensitive to ?fore and aft trim? than other boards?giving them a very wide ?sweet spot.? This makes jibing as well as going upwind incredibly easy at both low and high speeds. A slight kick in rocker in the last few inches of the tail also gives the Titan superior top speed when compared to other wide body boards. Fast and fun in all conditions, you can step onto the Titan and instantly feel comfortable!

  •     Low Profile Foiling = Purges excess volume
  •     Increased surface area = Provides increased lift + early planing
  •     Level Deck Shape = Easy to trim + large sweet spot
  •     Rocker Line = Early planing + effortless acceleration
  •     Ergonomic Foot Straps = Comfortable fit + easy adjustment
  •     Medium Density Footpads = Comfortable ride + excellent board feel
  •     MFC G10 Freeride Fin = Early planing + ultimate control
  •     Power Box = Ultra strong + perfectly positioned

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