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Tabou Da Curve 2016
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Tabou Da Curve 2016

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Last year, Thomas Traversa dreamed of competing on the World Tour with just 1 board. He asked Fabien to make a prototype DaCurve that was faster in the surf and more adaptable to different kinds of waves so he could use it in both Europe and Hawaii.

To make this board, Fabien had to start a new design from scratch: a new rocker, new outline, new bottom shape, new deck, and a completely new board.

The result? Thomas became Wave World Champion on that prototype. And, this board inspired the 2016 DaCurve.

We sent these shapes to Maui after the Hawaiian wave-specialist Graham Ezzy joined the Tabou family. Graham sent us back videos and pictures of fast carving turns on the new DaCurve.

Graham reports: “These boards are so fast! I catch more waves because I can plane even when the wind is light. And on the Hookipa waves, the boards accelerate through the turns. This means I can do higher aerials, and more tweaked aerials because I have more time in the air. I can throw more spray, too. And the best part is that I can do more turns on a wave because the board is so fast and responsive.”

The 2016 DaCurve is the wave sailor’s main weapon, and the board that won the 2014 PWA Wave World Title with Thomas Traversa. Faster in the turns, the board comes alive in down-the-line surf. Quicker going straight and more versatile, the board carves hard even when the wind is onshore.


What’s new

CAD design double flat rocker-line: 

  • generate more speed when carving
  • more radical bottom turns and cutbacks
  • easier jibing
  • quicker to plane in a straight line


Bottom shape with light V and a double concave: 

  • Fast rail to rail transition
  • More grip when turning to make carving easier
  • works in both down-the-line and on-shore waves
  • both carves and slides


Outline with the wide-point moved farther back and wider at the front foot-strap:

  • more power in messy surf or in the flat of the wave
  • allows the board to work with bigger sails
  • goes upwind more easily
  • jumps higher


Fuller Rail:

  • easier to do freestyle tricks and new-school wave moves
  • cuts through chop when carving
  • goes upwind more easily


Flatter deck:

  • more stable
  • more direct drive from feet


Carver side fins:

  • Extra fast carves with the Thruster set-up our teamriders love
  • Delivered with a Thruster setting
  • Can be converted to Quad (5 boxes)



  • The extra-wide footstrap positions for a surfy feel and more control over the board.
  • Slot box: lighter weight and less drag.
  • FlexLight Carbon/Innegra
  • “The Da Curve is one board for all conditions. Thomas won the World Title on this board in Europe and Hawaii.”
  • The new Da Curve carves fast in any kind wave: from 1m mush to double-mast Hawaii.

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