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Tabou Rocket Wide LTD 2016
This product is currently not available.

Tabou Rocket Wide LTD 2016

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The Rocket Wide is like the Rocket but wider and a little thinner, which gives 3 main benefits: early planning, quicker acceleration, and the ability to fly through lulls.

What does that mean for a freerider? For one, this board keeps its speed and stays balanced during jibes, which means that you make more jibes and come out of them faster.
Widening the Rocket also lets you ride bigger sails. For example, the 118 Rocket Wide works with a 6.0m Pilot or an 8.5 Phantom freerace. So, if the Rocket Wide becomes your first board, as you improve you will never run out of speed.
Also, for 2016, we have added new insert positions that make sailing easier for non-expert windsurfers.


The Rocket Wide CED and Rocket Wide LTD are for freeriders who want it easy—more stability, more glide. It will carry you from your first planning jibes till your millionth!

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