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Tabou Twister 2016
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Tabou Twister 2016

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King of Kings!

Our freestyle team riders want an easy board with plenty of pop. Fabien developed the rocker, outline, and rail of the Twister to move fast, hop high, and spin smooth while providing the “close to the water feeling” that Anthony Ruenes says he needs to feel comfortable. The goal is a board that feels like part of your body.
Freestyle windsurfing is all about creativity when reacting to the wind and water. The Twister boards give every rider the chance to stop thinking about the board to focus on landing new moves.
New for 2016 is a Twister 107 taking the best aspects of the Twister 90 and 100 but with more volume. The Twister 107 is perfect for heavier riders and for super light wind.

A thin board allows the rider to sail closer to the water. 

  • tail kick: more POP.
  • Super winger pintail: more POP, higher top speed.
  • Thin board: more control, closer to the water.
  • Full rail: forgiveness in spinning moves.


Shape details:

“We want control and POP!”

The tail kick in the Twister’s rocker allows the tail to sink down quickly before POPPING back up, like an ollie on a skateboard, making flat water tricks easier. This POP is increased by the ‘super winger pintail,’ which provides a lot of surface area under the front foot with as little surface area as possible in the tail. This gives quick planning but with a tail that can be pushed on to POP.

More speed, more POP and more FUN. Single fin action is in style, and the new Twisters are ready to jump, slide, spin, twist and PLAY.

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