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Neil Pryde RS:Racing LT1
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Neil Pryde RS:Racing LT1

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Real World Racing

RS:Racing LT1 is designed on the concept of real world racing. With a resurgence in slalom racing and continuing trends in long distance and GPS sailing, the LT1 brings World Cup-winning RS:Racing EVO technology to a wide range of performance minded sailors. RS:Racing LT1 takes the racing pedigree of the RS:Racing EVO sail and builds it into a high performance yet user-friendly slalom package. It features a combination of excellent top-end speed, enhanced bottom-end power, stability and exceptional rotation at every gybe. RS:Racing LT1 is an evolution of the RS:Slalom MK6 sail.



  • Three cams on bottom battens for all sizes – one cam less than the EVO. Less cams make for a softer and lighter rig with smooth rotation, excellent handling during gybes and more user-friendly rigging and derigging.
  • 30% narrower sleeve for soft forgiving feeling and a lighter sailing weight while retaining low-end performance. Water starts are made easier and a little bit less downhaul will be required, as the leech will open with less tension.
  • 100% composite batten construction. Fully tubular batten construction with three-piece battens used in bottom four positions for best balance between profile stability, light weight and durability.
  • FLX100 and FLX70 compatiblefor flexibility and performance adjustment.




The twist shaping concept incorporates powerful, forward-oriented lower body profile together with increased twist and profile reduction in the midbody area of the sail. This concept follows the design evolution seen on the EVO8, retaining power and acceleration while increasing the release in the lower leech area. As a result, the LT1 rig can be sailed with more rake angle, increasing lift on the fin and improving top-end acceleration and speed. At the same time head twist is controlled in order to keep consistent pressure on the mast foot and prevent the nose of the board from lifting in gusts.


Wide entry radius in the lower section of the sail increases the difference between pressure on windward and leeward side of the profile. This increases lift and provides solid drive with additional thrust.


Progressive aspect ratios across different sail sizes in order to address the specific functionality of each size. Higher aspect ratio in larger sizes (7.8 and up) increases light wind efficiency and performance of the rig as well as improving maneuverability at the marks by reducing the boom length. Lower aspect ratio in smaller sizes (7.0 and down) helps maintain top-end control and stability by keeping a longer boom and focusing the sail center of effort around the rider area where it is easier to control.


The new dual boom length options, allows for the rider to adapt the sail's performance to various conditions. Outer clew position can be used when you are looking for extra power and upwind lift while the inside clew setting provides better power release and control. Those performance adjustments are made possible by the outer position supporting (locking) the lower leech twist for increased power, while the inner position allows the lower leech to twist freely making it release excessive power while locking the draft forward.


New evolution of component sleeve construction now completely eliminates the front seam along the sail leading edge. This increases precision during the assembly process, reduces weight at the leading edge, creates a perfectly clean profile entry and eliminates a weak spot in construction at the exposed leading edge by removing any stitching that could come in contact with the mast.


Combining materials with specific properties in the LT1 sleeve allowed us to achieve optimum profile entry stability and elasticity, critical for rotation and light weight. The upper-front section (1) is made from a lightweight woven material that has the necessary elasticity and durability to resist wear from direct mast contact. A low stretch Dyneema™ ArmourWeb section (2) can take high downhaul tension and is critical in stabilising the profile entry, providing smooth bridging between Ultra Cams. Lightweight, rip-resistant laminated film/taffeta with Dyneema™ yarns (3) controls the stretch while providing ultimate rip resistance. Bottom part of the sleeve is finished using our Luff Glide material (4) that combines very low friction against the mast (important for smooth rotation) with excellent durability and necessary elasticity in the bottom part.


LT1 features four continuous luff panels that carry most of the sail body shaping. This configuration stabilises the critical section draft position while also providing lightweight yet stretch-resistant way of increasing the film thickness proportional with downhaul load distribution. Continuous panels eliminated horizontal seams crossing the highly loaded leading edge, which increases response of the sail as well as durability. Introduction of this extremely stable leading edge platform that is able to take very high downhaul loads allowed us to integrate Clear Pocket construction in the remaining sail body.
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About Neil Pryde

NeilPryde Windsurf | Waterwear & Accessoires has been a legacy in the wind water sports for nearly 50 years.
What makes the brand so unique is not only the constant innovation and cutting-edge technology that flows into each single product we make, it is for its most the passion that we share with our founder Neil Pryde for the sport itself, knowing the elements water as well as wind like no other brand.
At NeilPryde we design to win; each product is made with the ambition to help athletes as well as recreational riders get the most out of their session on the water, having the most fun out there and still staying warm and safe at the same time.

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