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Point-7 Slash 2016
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Point-7 Slash 2016

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Winner of the PWA indoor freestyle event in Warsaw. Lift, LOT’S OF POP, short boom, high base, and straight profiled battens, lightweight! These were the requests from our freestylers. To meet the requirements of the team a large Dacron panel was introduced into a four-batten construction, to create earlier planning and more pop in the sail. The straight profile in the top of the sail combined with a tight leech allows for super easy ducking the sail and back winded tricks. No gimmicks has been invented or stitched onto the sail – The team requested the most functional freestyle sail possible with a slashed down weight to have no holds for pulling the fastest and highest moves.


- Straight profile for throwing the sail into the wind
- Loads of rotation along the mast sleeve for more pop
- Tight cut leech for more stability and power during air time
- Light build
- Dacron panel next to mast sleeve giving extra profile to float more in the air
- Straight cut base outline for better under the sail moves
- Full x-ply monofilm


Together with Nicolas Akgazciyan, we decided to bring more power in the front of the sail, by changing many parts, which could bring this. The clew has been lowered further. The boom length increased a few centimetres in order to have a slightly lower base and have more power in light winds. The base now stays cut even straighter to give total freedom when ducking. The mast Dacron panel is now wider and displayed in a longer area along the mast: centred perfectly to contrast the push and weight of the rider to get the max stability and higher pop.
The sail has become a powerful toy, with high acceleration to allow moves in between shorter distances, power in lighter winds and higher stability in stronger winds. The lighter construction is now available, after 2 years of true testing on the water to make sure that it would hold the biggest crashes. The construction being light, gave the chance to implement the x-ply monofilm (except for the window zone), allowing to bring the SLASH also in waves, or to challenge harder crashes.


About POINT-7

Point-7 being the score of the winner in the windsurfing competition scenery is the essential soul of the company. This was proven by winning the PWA slalom world Championship, The PWA Constructor Slalom World Championships, and winning and reaching podiums in both Wave and Freestyle disciplines. Top places in surveys and magazine tests. Not just winning on competition fields, but a winning passion in creating a product to be a unique master piece with implemented Italian design.

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