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Point-7 SWAG 2016
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Point-7 SWAG 2016

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The first three batten wave sail, which conquered a top 10 result in the PWA wave ranking. This was back in 2012 and today POINT-7 presents its fourth generation of development. Great down the line ultra-light wave sail, combining a positive forward drive when bottom turning with completely neutral backhand pressure when top turning. The SWAG combines a healthy forward driven profile, which ensures ultra-stability in the rig, and neutrality ideal for pure wave sailing. Be amazed by its wind range!


- 3 batten layout

- An easy and fun wave sail
- Super lightweight and reinforced
- Great power, stability and drive
- Neutral when needed
- Soft and forgiving feeling
- For those who are lighter weights
- Allows to use a size smaller
- Full Xply monofilm


Developed with focus on drive and release at the right points, giving the rider the perfect performance, and great fun. 2016 main evolution focus was to bring the SWAG to increase its speed and reactivity. After adapting the cut away concept in 2015, this allowed to go further and bring the sail to gain characteristics that would be hard to find normally on 3 batten wave sails. No flapping when overpowered, no useless drag, increased stability speed, but most importantly it has gained a lot of flow whilst wave sailing and cruising. The leach opening is more central, and there is no need to have disturbing loose leech on the upper part, increasing once again the stability. The new construction has reduced further the weight of the sail. The rotation has been reduced to allow more stability in the jumps, but still keeping the correct amount of ON/OFF profile. A new vario top system is developed which allows to have no extra webbing flapping, if you are using the correct mast, and which is not wearing out while using the sail.

About POINT-7

Point-7 being the score of the winner in the windsurfing competition scenery is the essential soul of the company. This was proven by winning the PWA slalom world Championship, The PWA Constructor Slalom World Championships, and winning and reaching podiums in both Wave and Freestyle disciplines. Top places in surveys and magazine tests. Not just winning on competition fields, but a winning passion in creating a product to be a unique master piece with implemented Italian design.

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