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Sailloft Cross 2016
This product is currently not available.

Sailloft Cross 2016

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Content: 1 Stück (5,163.13€ * / 7 Stück)

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Planing, planing, planing!

The all new Sailloft CROSS is lighter, faster and more compact.

Now featuring our new 4mill’ X-ply, the CROSS just went on a diet and lost even more weight.

A new and improved outline with a narrower head and a wider sail foot has resulted in a lower point-of-pressure within the sail. The bigger cut-out at the clew and the shorter boom aid an improved, and more comfortable, handling during manuevures.

A deeper and lower profile underneath the boom guarantees a the maximum potential for early planing. With the flater profile above the boom the sail gains more control in high end conditions and therefor maximizes the top-speed.

In the smaller sizes, 5.5 and 6.0, the Cross, with its 5 battens, is ideally suited to the heavier freeride windsurfer. From 6.5 and up, and with six battens, the CROSS turns into an easy to handle freeride sail with outstanding top-end potential.

Early planing ability, combined with top speed and a comfortable handling all in one sail! In addition a full bodied x-ply construction leads to unrivaled stability and durability.


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