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Sailloft Quad 2016
This product is currently not available.

Sailloft Quad 2016

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Lighter, Colourful, Quad:

If cut-backs, bottom-turns, chachoos and culos are your oxygen then the new QUAD is designed for you. It has breath-taking control to suit its required disciplines – move like the pros.

Completely built with the new 4mill xply, the QUAD just got lighter still! Each sail size has been adapted and optimized for its intended range of use. In year the QUAD offers even more control in over-powered conditions. Your trips to the waves and performance at the freestyle hot-spots world-wide just became a walk in the park.

With extensive input from our international riders; the outline, the batten profile and even the size of the mast sleeve have been re-designed. This leads to a much better duck-ability and increased lift, which is now so crucial in new-school freestyle and the more manuevere orientated wave riding scene.

Super soft handling combined with maximum power for early planing is what the new 4 battened QUAD stands for. It doesn’t matter if you are a hardcore wave-rider or a freestyler the QUAD will definitely push you over the next wave or into your next freestyle move.

The four-batten-concept and the new 4mill xply makes the QUAD our lightest sail. Planing power, together with top-end handling abilities helps you train and fine tune your new-school freestyle moves. In the waves it will offer you a strong drive in the bottom turn, outstanding handling during jumps and unbeatable control in the cut-back.


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