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Sailloft Traction 2016
This product is currently not available.

Sailloft Traction 2016

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Early planing and top speed freeriding…

…the new Sailloft TRACTION will surprise you.

With its fast planing abilities and its (durchgleiten) the TRACTION has made itself a name to be reckoned with in the past years. Now the sail has been equipped with a turbo-charger!

A deeper profile underneath the boom will push your sail to go forwards. With a new cut at the foot the ability to ’close the gap’ turns even the smallest of gusts into yet more power. The flatter profile above the boom lowers the pressure point within the sail, whilst the slimmer sail-top gives you more control and top-speed. The result: a pure freeride feeling!

The adjusted batten set-up and the Sailloft mini-camber guarantee a strong profile, allowing the sail to maintain its shape even in the strongest of gusts.

As a larger sail the TRACTION benefits the most, from the entire range, of the new light weight materials. In combination with a more fluid twist the handling improves, resulting in a relaxed freeride feeling.

A freeride sail with an extremly high early planing performance, which continues planing through the lulls and has outstanding and reliable control in the top end.

Freeride/Light wind

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